Friday, February 16, 2018

New Products for The Traveler

New Products For Traveling

Traveling is a wonderful way to unwind and to get to know the world, but many travelers think that they must trade in comfort for the unforgettable experiences and wonderful memories they are in for. It’s especially not true when it comes to business travel either.  There are great San Antonio corporate housing services that make your stay enjoyable.  It doesn’t have to be so – the following great new products have been invented to significantly reduce or, even better, to completely eliminate travel-related discomfort:

  • Collapsible bottle – the plastic pouch attached to a bottle cap is made from durable and resistant material and seals perfectly to allow you to stay hydrated wherever you are. You can fill it up with your favorite fruit juice or tea and when it is empty, you can simply fold it and put into your bag or attach it to the outside of your luggage.
  • Anti-theft bag – the protection of your items is essential in any trip. Fortunately, you can easily find a bag that features special, theft-protection closures to offer you the peace of mind that your valuables and your documents are safe.
  • Stretch shoe laces – very convenient when you are required to take off your shoes quickly for security checks and while in a vehicle as well, especially if your feet tend to become swollen.
  • Noise-cancelling ear plugs – whether you choose battery-operated buds or plugs made from soft, but resistant foam, these modern ear protection pieces are great if you want to get a good sleep during a long flight.
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Friday, February 9, 2018

How to Save Money on Air Travel

Cost Of Air TravelAir travel is much cheaper nowadays than it used to be decades ago, but even so, there are many ways to further reduce your expenses – here are a few tips to help you:

  • Thorough research with the help of comparison sites – third-party comparison websites can help you get the cheapest fares. All you need to do is to enter the destination and the travel dates and the website will display the options offered by multiple airlines side by side.
  • Consider budget flights – while large airlines may offer you the widest range of options, smaller airlines usually provide cheaper solutions. They might not be able to provide luxurious travel conditions, but they are much more affordable.
  • Points schemes – if you are a frequent flyer, it might be a good idea to stay loyal to an airline and participate in their rewards program to get lower fares, upgrades and other benefits.
  • Choosing booking time right – air tickets are at their most expensive 8-10 weeks and 2-3 weeks in advance. This means that you will get the cheapest rates 4-6 weeks before the planned departure, so try to book your tickets in that period. It’s always a good time to reserve a room at one of the extended stay suites San Antonio offers too! Flights that depart on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are cheaper than flights at the beginning and at the end of the week, so try to plan your trip for the middle of the week.
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Friday, February 2, 2018

What Are the Most Reliable Airlines?

Whether you are planning a business trip or a vacation, the airline that you book with can make or break your travel, so choosing a reliable airline is essential – here are a few tips on what to look for:

Value For Your Money

  • Value for your money – you sure want to pay as little for your air tickets as possible, but a good deal is one that offers you value as well. Choose an airline that provides information about what their fares include to avoid unexpected extra fees and choose direct flights over flights with multiple stops.
  • Check reviews – find out what others think about the airline you have in mind by consulting forums and review websites. Many travelers share their experiences of flying with one company or another and they provide valuable information about the size of the seats, the attitude of the crew, luggage safety, the quality of the food served and many other, important aspects. You can also get a great deal on San Antonio vacation rentals that are clean and nice.
  • Check the aircraft fleet and the number of flights – whether low-cost airlines or conventional flight operators, companies with busy schedules need a suitably sized fleet to avoid flight delays and cancellations. To find out whether an airline is reliable, check their cancellation rates and safety ratings before booking your flight.
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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Interesting Facts about San Antonio

San Antonio is a lively and exciting city that has a lot to offer to visitors and locals alike – here are some interesting facts that will surely convince you that it is the best place in the world:

  • San Antonio gets over 30 million visitors a year, which not only makes it the most visited city in the entire state of Texas, but it also ranks 17th on the list of the most visited places in the entire USA;
  • It gives home to the second oldest park in the US (San Pedro Park);
  • The city’s zoo is to the third largest zoo in the nation and it was the first cageless zoo in the US;
  • The city boasts the largest Mexican marketplace outside Mexico;9671802 - a white cowboy hat on a white background
  • The Tower of the Americas is 750 feet tall, which makes it taller than Seattle’s famous Space Needle and offers an extraordinary, panoramic view of the city and the surrounding area;
  • The nation’s biggest rodeos are in San Antonio; they also provide some of the nicest furnished apartments San Antonio bound cowboys say!
  • San Antonio residents love the iconic Mexican dish called tamales so much that they hold the world record for preparing the largest ever portion of the delicious dough bags filled with meats, fruits, cheeses, vegies and lots of other delights.
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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Great Dining Options in San Antonio

Whether you prefer cozy diners, classy restaurants or friendly eateries, the San Antonio restaurant scene has a lot to offer – here is where to go for a great night out:

19567940 - couple having dinner in a restaurant

  • The Riverwalk – the area provides not only the perfect setting for a great dinner, but also the best restaurants in the city. They are wonderful to take advantage of when you vacation in one of the extended stay suites San Antonio offers. The places in the area serve the best local and international food and they have a special vibe as well
  • Castle Hill – the restaurants in the neighborhood are just as varied and diverse as the district’s cultural life. In Castle Hill you can find Ethiopian restaurants, sushi places, steak houses, burger bars, all on a small patch of land and very close to each other
  • Far Northwest – the district offers the possibility to dine in fish restaurants, to try the finest vegan cuisine or Mexican grill
  • Tobin Hill – this relaxed and bohemian neighborhood has lots of laid-black places that serve great food
  • Alamo Heights – there is an eatery at every step in the district, most of them top-notch and serving food prepared by the best chefs in the state. French and Italian food, Thai and Japanese dishes, American and Mexican meals are all easy to find in the neighborhood.
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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Tips for a Good Long-Term Vacation Rental

Renting a vacation home for a longer period will not only give you more time to relax and rewind, but will also save you money – most vacation home owners charge differently for short and long-term stays, month-long San Antonio vacation rentals being considerably cheaper than renting the place for only a few days. But how can you find a good rental for one month or longer? Here are our top tips:

44685090 - group of happy young people jumping on the mountain

  • Look online – there are lots of travel websites that offer global as well as local or regional vacation home listings. The sites are easy to use – you just need to enter the travel dates and the area you want to stay in and you instantly get hundreds of hits;
  • Visit several websites and compare prices to find the most affordable solution,
  • Start early – that way you have a wider selection of homes to choose from and you can get early booking discounts, too;
  • Know what you want – make a list with your requirements and priorities and make sure the place that you rent meets all the conditions on your list. There are lots of places that accept pets or have special amenities for children, so chances are you will find what you want. Talk to the owners about what you need, then get that all in writing, too.
Article source here: Tips for a Good Long-Term Vacation Rental

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Advantages of Renting a Furnished Apartment

Whether you are a businessman or a student, a young professional, whether you live your life single or you have a family, renting a furnished apartment comes with numerous benefits – here are some:

46910683 - move. lots of cardboard boxes in an empty new apartment

  • Moving in is a breeze – if you decide to move house, a furnished apartment will save you from all the hassle related to packing the items in your old home, arranging for the transportation and unpacking your things in your new location, a great benefit, especially when it comes to moving (or not having to move) large pieces of furniture or bulky appliances;
  • Shorter lease periods – most furnished apartments can be rented for shorter periods as well, so you don’t need to make a commitment that will tie you to the apartment longer than you want;
  • Maintenance-free apartments – most furnished apartments are professionally maintained by the owner’s or the building manager’s team, so this form of housing is perfect for people who cannot or don’t want to spend time fixing things in their home, also great for San Antonio corporate housing options;
  • Finding the interior that suits your requirements – furnished apartments come in many different styles and size, so chances are that you will be able to find the place that is furnished the way you would have furnished it, had it been yours.
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