Monday, August 14, 2017

Understanding the People of San Antonio – Demographics and Other Essential Information

The population of San Antonio has grown a great deal in the past decades, doubling in the last 50 years alone. As one of Texas’ most important cities, this big city has a lot to offer, and its inhabitants, infrastructure and number of venues and businesses continue to grow on a regular basis.


Who Inhabits San Antonio?


There are a total of about 1.5 million inhabitants living in San Antonio right now, and about 43% of them are between the ages of 20 and 54. This is an essential fact that shows the city’s residents are mostly young people and working adults, and it reflects San Antonio’s impressive growth rate.


The median income per household in San Antonio is quite high at around $53,000 per year. The fact that only about 17% of the city’s population is below the poverty line shows San Antonio to be a wealthy community.


Households and Housing Occupancy


There are a total of more than 430,000 housing units in San Antonio, and the numbers are rapidly growing. Of these more than 93% are occupied on a consistent basis, while the rest offer vacancies. If you are looking for great San Antonio Corporate housing you’re sure to find some of the best.  Moving to San Antonio can be easier if you want to rent a home, since the rental vacancy percentage is close to 7%.


A curious fact about San Antonio is that almost 42% of all housing units are actually used by tenants. This means the rental market here is flourishing, and a lot of the real estate in the city actually consists of rented units. You can still buy your own house in San Antonio at a good price, of course, and there are many obvious advantages to doing so.

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Monday, July 31, 2017

Information and Recommendations for Vacationing in San Antonio

With 300 sunny days per year, San Antonio is an ideal destination for your vacation, during every season. Very pleasant springs and autumns complement hot summers and gentle winters. There are many beautiful and interesting places to visit, not to mention that events are being organized throughout the entire year.


You will find many accommodation options in San Antonio: hotels and motels, from those addressed to people traveling on a budget to the luxury ones – you will find them on Riverwalk or downtown, close to dozens of tourist attractions. You can find great furnished apartments San Antonio is home to as well.  If theme parks are your favorites, choose accommodation on the skirts of the city. A great way to meet and get to know the locals is to choose accommodation in the historic King William District. Other alternatives include renting a holiday home, if you travel in groups, or enjoying the Texan feeling by staying at a farm.


The San Antonio bus system has routes covering more than 1,200 square kilometers. Downtown, you can also travel with an authentic reproduction of a tram that used to ran the streets of the city more than 50 years ago. Four tram routes stop to the top tourist attractions, such as the Alamo, the Governor’s Palace, La Villita, the School of Art, the Institute of Texan Cultures etc. Taxi River stops at 39 locations along the Riverwalk and San Antonio also offers multiple other regular taxi services.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Details you need to know when looking for corporate housing

People with jobs that require traveling and extended stays in particular locations know that hotels are not the best choice for every case, considering that they are the most expensive option and the costs add up insanely fast. The good news is that corporate housing exists as a great alternative.

Corporate housing is also known as temporary housing, or corporate/executive apartments, and it doesn’t refer only to the rented space, but also to the services included.

Who can be a client of corporate housing?

Like we said, traditionally, business travelers use this option, but there are many other clients from other industries as well:

  • researchers
  • stage and film crews
  • consultants
  • reassigned military service members
  • project managers
  • contracted programmers etc.

Extended stay suites San Antonio area has surely gained popularity in recent years. The big advantage of choosing this option is that you do not have to worry anymore about furniture and utilities – everything is included in the price and you will get a place that feels like home, fully serviced and offering a high level of privacy. Not least, an extended stay in corporate housing is typically cheaper than renting a hotel room for long-term.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Tourist Attractions In San Antonio: Alamo And Riverwalk

If you want a short description of San Antonio, in terms of tourist attraction, we would simply say “Alamo and Riverwalk”. Alamo represents the history, the foundation of this city, and Riverwalk is the pride of well-done work in modern times.  San Antonio vacation rentals offer nice places to stay at the end of your busy day.

Alamo is well-known due to movies that have been made on this topic. It is a fort built in the beginning of the foundation of the US, its purpose being to defend the southern border. Alamo is often referred to as the “Shrine of Texas Liberty” and remains one of the great symbols of the struggle to create and consolidate what is today the United States of America.

The remains of the Alamo mission are located in downtown San Antonio, surrounded by monuments dedicated to that historical moment.

As about Riverwalk – it is a fantastic place in deed. The fact that a river passes through San Antonio is no big deal; in an arid area, it is logical for people to build their homes around a source of water. The fact that the river is small, again, is a trivial detail. Nevertheless, what is truly amazing is the way that the banks of this river have been transformed into an extraordinary promenade: five kilometers of sidewalk designs with vegetation, waterfalls, restaurants and shops – Riverwalk is the magnet of the entire city.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

What Is Included In The Cost Of A Furnished Apartment?

If you are looking to rent a furnished apartment, be prepared to pay more than for an unfurnished one. First, because unfurnished apartments are typically rented for short terms, which will increase the costs related to cleaning, repairing and advertising it, and second, because everything you need for comfortable living is already there.  However businesses looking for San Antonio corporate housing are attracted to them because they are affordable and efficient for their employees extended stay.

Here are the common things that typically exist in a furnished apartment listed for rent:

  • Bed, armoire for the clothes, chest of drawers, sheet sets and pillows in the bedroom
  • Sofa, table, chairs and television in the living room
  • Table linens, dinnerware and glassware in the dining area
  • Towels and other accessories in the bathroom
  • cocking items and appliances in the kitchen
  • Decorative objects and indoor lighting parts in the entire apartment
  • Cleaning items (vacuum cleaner, dustpan, mop and pail)
  • Laundry supplies
  • Common utilities (Internet , cable TV, water, gas, electricity)

You can expect the furniture and the other objects to vary in number and type.

The rent will include costs related to repairs as well as to protection against depreciation. In some cases, especially if the apartment is rented for short-term, utility costs may also be included in the price.

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

What to Do in San Antonio – Have an Adventure in Texas’ Best Sightseeing Destination

San Antonio is one of Texas’ true gems and a unique city that also happens to be the state’s most significant historical center. Aside from historic buildings, however, San Antonio offers a wealth of fun and exciting experiences that are just waiting for you to discover.


  1. The Natural Bridge Caverns


To start you out on your adventure, the Natural Bridge Caverns is one of the most amazing places you can visit when you’re in San Antonio.


These spectacular caves form the largest network of commercial caves in Texas, and are situated only 30 minutes from the city. Aside from touring the caves, you can also try the Canopy Challenge, or just relax around the site getting delicious foods, fudge and souvenirs.


  1. Mini Adventures Around the City


There is no better place in Texas to enjoy fun mini adventures that will have you get acquainted with some of the city’s most unique and thrilling places.


The River Walk is the best example, as well as one of San Antonio’s most famous centerpieces. Set below street level, this unique place is a marvel for anyone, from people just looking for a quick stroll or meal, to those who prefer a more daring adventure aboard the barges that cruise down the river.


Other unique places to have a quick adventure include the Market Square and the many zoos and theme parks of San Antonio, including the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, the San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium and the Splashdown San Antonio wet park.


  1. The Alamo and Other Historic Places


Everyone knows about the famous battle of The Alamo in 1836 – one of the most well-known battles in US history. Present today in San Antonio and established as a UNESCO World Heritage site, The Alamo is a must-see attraction if you’re a first-time visitor.


Many other important historical sites are also found in San Antonio, including the San Antonio Missions, established by the Franciscan Order in the early 1700s and also recognized today as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Finally, you should definitely see the Roman Catholic San Fernando Cathedral, a marvel of architecture and one of the earliest cathedrals ever built in the US, by settlers from the Canary Islands in 1750.

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Friday, May 26, 2017

What to do this Memorial Day weekend around the San Antonio area

If you are staying with us at Dwelling Suites over this Memorial Day weekend you don’t have to even leave the fully-furnished suite. It has everything you would ever need for your extended stay with us. Of course with all of the fun activities happening in and around San Antonio you just might want to, and we don’t blame you. Here are just a few of the awesome activities going on this weekend! to do this Memorial Day weekend around the San Antonio area SAN ANTONIO – There are several fun events taking place this Memorial Day weekend across the San Antonio area. Here’s a list of some ways to enjoy the holiday.

Friday only:

The Eli Young Band will perform Friday night at 9 p.m. John T. Floore Country Store. Shane Smith & The Saints and John Baumann open. Click here for more information.

Friday and Saturday only:

Fiesta Del Noche Rio is held Friday and Saturday nights at the Arneson River Theatre in La Villita. The summer outdoor performance on the River Walk features songs and dances of Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Texas. Click here for more information.

Through holiday weekend:

The Memorial Day Artisan River Walk Show will take place Friday through Monday along the San Antonio River Walk. Vendors display and sell handmade merchandise. Click here for more information.

Historic Market Square will host a three day party for Memorial Day weekend. The weekend will feature live music, food booths and kids activities. There’s never a cover charge at Market Square.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is open for Memorial Day weekend. The park features new rides this year that include the Fireball and Hurricane Force 5. Click here for more information.

SeaWorld San Antonio recently debuted its newly renovated Discovery Point attraction. Discovery Point is the only place in Texas where you can swim with dolphins. Guests can also choose to swim alongside sea lions or beluga whales. Click here for more information.

Splashtown is offering Free Admission to all Military & First Responders during Memorial Day weekend (Saturday, May 28 – Monday, May 30). All spouses and dependent children are eligible for 1/2 price general admission before 4 p.m.. Appropriate Military or Government ID’s must be presented. Click here for more information.

Morgan’s Wonderland will be open throughout the weekend, but have special entertainment on Monday in the park including Elisabeth Giminiani singing the Star Spangled Banner, Andrea’s Flying Canines, Hartman’s House puppet show and more. Click here for more information.


Article source here: What to do this Memorial Day weekend around the San Antonio area