Friday, June 14, 2019

Why San Antonio Is A Great Vacation Destination

Finding Month To Month Accommodations At Busy Destinations

The tourism industry in San Antonio tops in Texas and is also ranking high at a national level, when it comes to favorite travel spots. This makes San Antonio a great vacation destination.

Planning a trip to this Texan city is a very good idea, whether you are passionate to discover a mixture of cultures, a history junkie or simply someone who wants to discover a new city, with its entertainment options. Hotspots in San Antonio are interesting and vibrant.

You can get a taste of the Mexican culture here, considering that more than half of the population is identified by Hispanic heritage, and the influence of Spain and Mexico s clear in the daily life. San Antonio’s Hispanic atmosphere really makes it a unique city in the USA. This is becoming more evident during the Fiesta week, an annual celebration that attracts 3.5 million people from all over the world, who attend parades, music, festivals, food and beverage fairs, in the downtown streets. Staying at one of the month to month apartments San Antonio locations puts you right in the heart of all of it.

Riverwalk, the Botanical Garden, the Alamo, the vineyards, the Natural Bridge Caverns are only a few of the things you should put on your to-visit list.

Another aspect that most tourists enjoy is that San Antonio is a big city, but which has the aura of a small town. This contrast is charming and you will not experience it in other big cities such as New York or Los Angles.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tips For Finding Local Hot Spots In San Antonio

Tips On Local Hot Spots And Furnished ApartmentsSan Antonio, Texas, is one of the most distinguished cities of the United States. Here, you will find a mixture of cultures, including Native Americans, Mexicans and Spaniards. San Antonio is also a popular destination for tourists, and finding local hot spots is very easy, considering that there are plenty of them to choose from.  Make sure to plan to stay at furnished apartments in San Antonio accommodations that are close to the attractions.

The centerpiece of the city is Riverwalk, but San Antonio`s urban core is also buzzing with hotspots that have nothing to do with it.

Just consult the internet or travel agencies and you will find enough of them to put on your visiting checklist. Here are our suggestions.

  • Market Square District

Market Square is an outdoor plaza, one of the liveliest areas of San Antonio downtown. There are lots of various shops, restaurants and cultural spots to discover.

  • Pearl Brewery

Pearl Brewery is the only one in San Antonio to survive the prohibition and also originally Texas’ largest brewery. It has been transformed along the years, into a space that now features cafes, boutiques, a regular Farmers Market and Hotel Emma, with its gorgeous lobby.

  • San Antonio`s Cultural Corridor

It includes museums, art galleries, cultural icons and green spaces: The Museum of Art, The Witte Museum, The Mc Nay, San Antonio Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, the Japanese Tea Garden, Brackenridge Park etc.

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Friday, June 7, 2019

Staying Mindful On Your Business Trip

Use Mindfulness When Planninng Short Term Rental Business TravelStays

Unlike a relaxing trip, where you can afford the luxury of having a more flexible schedule, on your business trip, you must stay mindful so that everything goes exactly by the schedule. However, business trips can also be enjoyable, if you know how to prepare them and avoid stress and discomfort. Here are a few things you should not ignore.

Making the traveling arrangements

Make sure to identify the best traveling options, draw the fastest and safest routes and make the necessary reservations (transport, accommodation etc.). Choose one of the many nice short term rentals San Antonio has available to make your stay a pleasant one.  Taking the right time to do all these will bring you peace of mind – and also discounted prices!

Sorting your necessary documents and making sure you do not forget anything essential

Regardless of where you are going, you will need your ID papers, as well as business related documents. Make a list with all of them, to ensure that you do not miss anything.

Taking enough money with you

A business trip means that you will be away from home for a while, so you will need money for living as well as for unforeseen situations. Have a small part of your budget in cash, for immediate necessary payment, and the rest keep it on your card.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

San Antonio Day Trips Your Father Will Love

Dwelling Suites Offers Great Stays To Celebrate Father's Day

Father’s Day is getting close and finding a gift for your dad is in order. If choosing a present for your father is frustratingly difficult, you may also consider spending some quality time with him and offer him a day trip. For those living in San Antonio, there are plenty of opportunities.

In this article, we are going to suggest only a few of those related to the great outdoors.

Go fishing with your dad

If he is passionate about fishing, you can plan a daytrip to one of the nearby lakes (Miller’s Pond, South Side Lions Park etc.), grab some poles, make sure you have some bait and have a great time in the summer sunshine.

Be active

Biking with your dad and exploring downtown is another great activity for Father`s day.  You can rent your wheels at Bike World, for a few hours and even for the entire day.

Give your dad a tour of the city

If he has not visited San Antonio downtown in a while, Father`s day is a great opportunity to take your father on a tour. You can even choose to take a ride on a river boat cruise, gliding along Riverwalk.  For Hotel accommodations, look to


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Friday, May 31, 2019

Perks Of Traveling With Your Company


Business Travel Advantages

Business travel may not give you the freedom to explore new places like a vacation, because you have job duties to fulfill. However, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy yourself up to a degree. And there are other perks of traveling with your company.


Here are just a few of them:


  1. Win Miles for Your Vacations

In many cases, it is possible to accumulate miles for your personal account when you travel for business. Unless your company is actively collecting miles to cut traveling costs, you can ask your employer to allow you to benefit from this reward.


  1. Avoid the Dangers of Routine

Routine is a silent killer. It dulls your brain and dampens your spirit. Boredom caused by routine can lead to mistakes affecting the quality of your work and even car accidents caused by lack of focus. Travel is the best antidote of routine, so be glad you are able to get away from the daily grind.  Look to Dwelling Suites of San Antonio for great stay packages.


  1. Discover New Vacation Opportunities

Here is an interesting idea: explore your business travel destination and find out if it’s a good fit for a vacation with your family. This is like trying a demo version of a game before buying it. Quite amazing, right?


Last but not least, any kind of travel means meeting new people. Some of them may remain simple acquaintances, but others could be your future business partners or best friends.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Road Trip Destinations throughout Texas


Road Trip TipsTexas is that kind of state that has something to offer for everybody. Whether you love good food, breathtaking landscapes, the cozy old town atmosphere or feeling shivers down your spine – you can find your kind of pastime in Texas.


For your convenience, we prepared a few suggestions of road trips throughout the Lone Star State:


  1. The Small Town Road Trip

You see them in Western movies and you love them: small, quiet towns, with rustic architecture and where everyone knows everyone. This is the kind of town where the American spirit was born. And you can find such towns throughout Texas, with great accommodations for nightly, weekly or monthly hotels San Antonio area stays.


With around 13 hours to spare (so make sure you stop over at motels of a night or two), you can cover the arc between Schulenburg and Jasper, with stops at Lockhart, Fredericksburg, Fort Worth, Jefferson and Hemphill.


  1. The Hill Country Road Trip

Going in circles is never good, unless it’s a road trip covering the best hill areas of Texas. Covering the general area between Fredericksburg, Austin and San Antonio, this road trip will take you to the famous Jacob’s Well, then to Hamilton Pool Natural Reserve and the Enchanted Rock just off of Fredericksburg.


Next, you move on to the Natural Bridge Caverns and finish your trip with a hearty meal at the historic Gristmill in New Braunfels.


  1. The Haunted Road Trip

Do you want a chance to encounter and battle the supernatural? Texas has the destinations you’ll love. From the Bragg Lights in Saratoga, to the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells and from the La Llorona in El Paso to Saintly Schoolchildren in San Antonio – you have a full list of spooky and out-of-this world experiences to try.

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Friday, May 24, 2019

Tips for Traveling with Your Family on a Plane

Happy Family Travelling Tips

Going on vacation and staying at a nice short term rentals San Antonio has with your family is fun. When you get away from the daily grind, you get the chance to bond better with your spouse and children and spend quality time together. But that happens once you reach your destination. Until then, you will have to survive air travel with your family in tow.

This has all the chances to turn into a nightmare if you don’t plan carefully. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Involve the Children in the Packing Process

All children have favorite objects that soothe them and make them feel safe. It’s a stuffed toy or a blanket or an item of clothing. Make sure they see that you packed it. Also, if they are old enough, allow them to choose the clothes and toys they want to take with them. This will lessen the chance of throwing a big tantrum on the day of departure, with the risk of missing the flight.

  1. Be At the Airport Early

When you travel with the family (including toddlers and babies) there are all the chances that you will be delayed. The baby needs the diaper changed. Another kid is fascinated by the posters on the airport walls and won’t budge. The only safe option is to arrive at the airport a few hours before check-in. This will give you and your spouse plenty of time to prepare your children for the actual flight and deal with their changing moods.

  1. Bring Something to Entertain the Children during the Flight

Flying is boring for adults – imagine how it is for an active child. And when kids get bored, they express their displeasure by screaming. Very loudly. Enough to make all the other passengers hate you. To avoid this situation, make sure your kids have something to do, like coloring a book or watching cartoons on a tablet until they thankfully fall asleep.

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